Terms and conditions for car hire

  1.  A tenant and drivers must be over 23 years old.
  2. Driver’s license must be issued at least 12 month prior to rental
  3. The tenant has full responsibility for traffic violations and pays the respective fines.
  4. After the contract is signed lotos rent a car provides free respite to return the car in 1 hour. after this time, the tenant shall pay penalty in the amount of 50% of daily cost of the vehicle.
  5. The tenant must return the vehicle with the same amount of fuel, which was specified in the contract
  6. In case the vehicle is returned with less fuel, the renter will be charged 5 euros and pay the cost of missing liters at fair value at the inception of the lease

It is forbidden to use the vehicle in the following cases

  1. For the transportation of prohibited and dangerous goods;
  2. For the transportation of passengers for financial gain;
  3. For driving training of others, even free of charge;
  4. For towing or pushing other vehicles;
  5. In case of accident or mechanical breakdown;

The insurance does not cover damages

  1. If you were moving on a dirt road
  2. If the driver was not specified in the contract
  3. If damage/accident was caused due to the use of alcoholic drinks, drugs or medicines
  4. If the interior of the vehicle is damaged

It is forbidden to leave the car out of greece or immerse the car on the ferry without the written agreement of the lessor.

When identifying a vehicle is not operating, the lessor provides replacement and is obliged to provide the vehicle, similar in characteristics to the rented vehicle.

In case of car damage or accident, including theft or vandalism, the tenant is obliged:

Immediately call the police, call the lessor and get a copy of the protocol